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Wheels On Meals (2 Disc Edition) (Hong Kong Legends)

DVD Information
Hong Kong Legends Release
Content : Two discs
Format: Widescreen 16:9
Languages: Cantonese, English
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1, Mono
Subtitles: English, Dutch
Region: 2

Special Features Disc 1

Audio Commentary by Bey Logan
The ever-dependent Bey Logan returns yet again for another classic commentary track. The man never seems to stop spewing out facts and stories, and is always entertaining himself. Bey admits at the beginning of this track that he is excited to be doing this for such a great film, and his excitement certainly shows. As always, it’s top quality.

Further Attractions
Trailers from Hong Kong Legends – Dragons Forever, Knockabout, Millionares Express, Winners And Sinners, A Chinese Ghost Story, My Lucky Stars

Trailers from Premier Asia – Ong-Bak, Brotherhood, Crying Fist, Champion, My Wife Is A Gangster, Volcano High

Unfortunately all of these trailers are brand new versions which means they’re quickly edited to techno with a cheesy fake-American sounding guy talking over the top. There’s something not-quite right about them – of course the films are great!

Special Features Disc 2

Interview Gallery
On Giant’s Shoulders: Sammo Hung (7.41m)
Sammo is always great to listen to and in this brief interview he discusses some of the decisions he made as director and actor on the film. Although it’s a fine interview, it’s fairly general and the seven minute length is actually shorter because that includes film clips. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Born To Fight: Yuen Biao (14.57m)
A quality interview with the youngest brother of the amazing trio, Yuen Biao always seems to be the lowest-key and so this interview is well worth a watch. It’s very good as he discusses Wheels On Meals specifically, as well as a few other topics such as getting old in the HK industry. In Cantonese with English subtitles.

Rush And Roll: Brett Ratner (18.39m)
This interview with the director of Rush Hour feels like it could have been placed on any Jackie Chan dvd – in fact, a lot of what Ratner talks about here has already been discussed on the Rush Hour dvd’s. Although it’s a good interview, this is mostly about his work with Jackie and not really Wheels on Meals in specific. This is still good stuff, and it’s nice to see Ratner
still so excited about his favourite films and his pride in directing the film that made people in the US more aware of Jackie.

The Inside Track: Stanley Tong (34.44m)
Again, like the Brett Ratner interview, this is not specific to the film. Stanley Tong discusses his career in the HK film industry beginning as a stuntman (often for women!) to script-supervisor, to Assistant Director, to fully fledged Director. This is a fascinating piece if you’re familiar with some basics of HK cinema at this time and he explains many of the ideas and reason behind the films he has made as well as other projects like Sammo’s Martial Law television series. This is really good!

Fight Club
Jet Fighter: Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez (28.25m)
This half-hour-ish interview is very, very good. I wasn’t expecting much from Benny ‘The Jet’ as I didn’t expect him to be a particularly verbal man. He is very eloquently spoken and this was a real eye-opener to his personal philosophies on life and the martial arts. For a man with such an aggressive reputation he comes across as fairly gentle – but not soft! He speaks of Jackie, Sammo and the rest of the crew with genuine respect, and talks about what exactly went on between himself and Jackie which led to rumours of fighting. Essential!

King Of The Ring : Keith Vitali (33.24m)
Another long interview with the other main bad guy is almost as good as interview with Benny Urquidez. Vitali talks at great length about his experiences on the production, and again shows a massive amount of respect for the whole film-making team. He has several anecdotes about the film – including hitting Jackie square in the wind-pipe, and getting hit around the head with a vase by Yuen Biao – for real! Another amazing interview!

The Cutting Room Floor
Two collections of out-takes, one lasting 2.53m , the other 54seconds! These are clips – mostly played in slow-motion – with music played over them. These are really good with lots of bikes, skateboards and Jackie vs Benny The Jet. Sadly they don’t run to any great length of time, but what is here is like gold-dust!

Trailer Gallery
UK Promotional Trailer (1.40m) Same as the other HKL trailers on disc one cheesy!
Original Theatrical Trailer (3.59m) This is more like it, cheesy in a good way! A nice collection of clips and a clearer idea of what the film is like.

As a classic Jackie Chan film, Wheels On Meals always deserved the Special Edition treatment. Luckily, HKL have come up with another really strong release. I’ve never seen the film looking so good, the subtitles are a large improvement on previous dvd releases, and the soundtrack is as hokey as ever. Without any extra features the film itself would be a must-have, but luckily there’s a nice collection of ‘extra bits’ here too. Although Sammo’s interview is slightly disappointing (due to short running time), as is Brett Ratner’s (due to repetition of information available elsewhere) and there’s no input from Jackie himself, everything else on this release is pretty essential. All of the other interviews are excellent, in-depth pieces, the out-takes will make you smile, and the commentary track is worth several listens. Although it’s certainly not definitive, at the moment this is surely the very best release of Wheels On Meals on dvd. 

Screen Captures

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