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Traces Of A Dragon (German Version)

DVD Information
Universum Film Release
Content : One disc
Format: Widescreen
Languages: Cantonese / Mandarin
Audio: stereo, 5.1
Subtitles: English, German
Region: 2 (PAL)

DVD Review
Traces Of A Dragon (German Version)

This German dvd release is the only version that I could find (cheers Gary!) and while there’s no English writing on the dvd case or the menu’s (funny that), the film itself has excellent English subtitles which are grammatically correct. The picture is as sharp and bright as you could hope, and the sound is always clear – even when Jackie’s singing karaoke! The inclusion of Jackie and the filmmakers at the Berlin film festival is a very interesting accompaniment to the film and rounds off a decent disc. It would be nice to see a release of this film with other features – especially a directors commentary – but this is a strong release. Why the documentary doesn’t seem to have been picked up for distribution in other markets is beyond me!

Special Features

Press Conference In Berlin (52mins):

This consists of a press conference on the films release, the panel of which includes Jackie Chan, the films producer and Mabel Cheung (the director). The interviews are in German, English and Cantonese (depending on who is speaking to who) and there are German subtitles (optional) and an English translator speaking throughout. Jackie speaks of his discovery and shock at his fathers background, and his reasons for making the film: originally the project was to be shown only to his family and so Jackie gives the reasons why he has shown it to the public. This is a very interesting conference.

Trailers for Traces Of A Dragon:

-English Trailer A (3.15m):
with burnt white English subtitles. Sells the film as Jackie’s fathers’ story.

-English Trailer B (3.12m):
Sells the film by focusing on Jackie relationship with his parents.

-English Trailer C (2.55m):
Sells the film by focusing on Chinese history elements combined with lots of Jackie.

-German Trailer (2.11m) with German subtitles.
Sells the film as a whole, shows Jackie and his family and documentary footage of China at war.

Picture Gallery:
These thirteen stills from the film are fairly uninspired as they are all in the documentary itself, although I’m no fan of ‘stills’ on a dvd anyway unless they’re previously unseen.

Other Trailers:
German ‘dubbed’ trailers for Commandant, Guido Knopp, Farenheit 9/11, Rush Hour, Shanghai Knights, Around The World In 80 Days. It’s worth watching the Rush Hour trailer just to see Chris Tucker talking German – it’s quite funny.


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