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The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge (JAPAN 1974)

Director : Teruo Ishii
Cast : Sonny Chiba, Reiko Ike, Tatsuo Endo, Eizo Kitamura, Fuyuki Murakami, Yutaka Nakajima, Etsuko Shihomi and Akira Shioji.

Terry Sugury is hired to recover one of two tapes containing a formula for making heroin for a price of 200 dollars a pound.

by Edward Tang

It’s awesome when a sequel is just as much fun as the first one. In this case, Street Fighter’s Last Revenge works well, it uses the magic of Sonny Chiba’s art of kickassery and mixes it with a silly plot and good action scenes. What was funny about this fucker was that it completely reminded me of a Mission:Impossible episode, get the stolen tape and along the way use masks to hide your identity. Yes, and I didn’t stutter, life-like masks that are simply pulled off when needed. The plot is it’s usual crappy self, it can be explained in a sentence: SONNY CHIBA KICKS ASS. There you go, and I think that sentence could be used to describe the entire series of Street Fighter films. The characters in this film were extremely bland, no Jesus-looking dudes here. But what makes you slip on the plot and acting, you can make up for with just have a fun time watching this film. There’s a bunch of fight scenes, some boning and everything in between that should satisfy most fans like me, those who likes boobies to go with his violence.

Sonny Chiba returns as the martial arts master/bounty hunter/master of kickassery/pimp Terry Tsurugi and is given a job. This job is to rescue some loser from a building under a bunch of gunfire. Terry does the job and rescues the guy, and meets the losers at a undisclosed location. When he hands over the dude, the bad guys give him fake money, which starts the ass kicking brigade but he is eventually stopped by a girl who knows how to fight! Terry eventually realizes that their plot is to sell a tape that has one-half of the recipe for some good ol’ fashioned heroin to some rich guys. So what follows is Terry getting his revenge on everyone who crossed him and eventually killing everyone. Terry is an anti-hero whom usually does noble deeds (Stop drug dealers, help people etc.) but does them the violent and usually involving death way. I have no problem with that, do you?

Basically the plot in this film is loose but can be taken in easily. What this film has the lack of, is explaining who or what is actually “bad.” There was a few girls in this film that seemed to really have nothing special to do, other than to shake their vagina’s in Terry’s face. But some of the scenes just got plain annoying, it’d be like this: TERRY TAKES THE CASE OF MONEY, BAD GUYS TAKE CASE OF MONEY BACK. So what did we really learn in this instance? For the most part, it’s a better story than Return of the Street Fighter, so I’ll take that as an improvement. For the most part, the direction was pretty interesting, especially at the end of the film where Terry is chasing down the DA, a bunch of weird spinning and choppy shots that could give you a headache if you focused on them directly. Then there’s the obvious question, why do people still fuck with Terry? He does a job for these idiots and they go and give him fake money? What the fuck? Yes, and they even REALIZE that Terry kicks ass, but they still want to fuck him over in the process? I don’t know, that’s basically like cutting off your leg and going up to a bunch of cannibals and saying “You guys hungry?”

I do have to admit that this film (avid the plot) is still a whole lot of fun. The mask thing in general was pretty corny and probably a ripoff but still was cool when Chiba would rip the mask off and take down a few losers. The action scenes were good as well and seemed to try and concentrate more on fighting rather than head explosions and castration. This time they actually gave Terry a worthy opponent as he almost got his ass handed to him in the final fight, but you know Terry! He ripped the guy’s guts out! Of course they had to have that flashback scene when he was a little kid, when his father was getting executed and such. I wonder if this is one of those moments that gives Terry what he needs to kill. Then of course they had to bring back the bitchin’ tunes from before, a damn catchy tune that actually works and gets you ready for some shit splittin’ action.

The cast of flunkies includes the slutty girl who literally sleeps with most of the people in this film, you do get to see her breasts, pretty good if you ask me. Then you have the classic bad guys, a bunch of old guys who order people around and eventually are killed because they are fat and can’t do much about their heart palpitations let alone fight. The main foe belongs to this corrupt dude who can still kick an ass, but his position wasn’t really ever clear to me. I think he was a DA (District Attorney) but heard a few times that he was a police officer, or maybe I’m just an idiot. Whatever the case may be, it was nice to see someone throw down in fisticuffs with Terry that could actually duke it out, rather than just take his death like a bitch. Of course, Sonny Chiba throws up his fists for the last time as this character and does a great job, these films are still his without a doubt, no Chiba no fun.

If you enjoyed the first and second Street Fighter film like me, you’ll like this one because it doesn’t stray far away from the classic “crappy story good action” rules. It’s definitely a film that is there to enjoy, not to really go over in a detailed profession matter. I shall break that with these words: “This film kicked a bunch of f*ckin’ ass!” I concur.

Plot : 2/5
Acting : 2/5
Entertainment : 4/5
Overall : 3/5

Notable Scenes
-The final fight between the DA and Tsurugi.

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