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The Myth Promo Tour in Malaysia

by Gary Cheah

Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong and Mallika Sherawat was here in Malaysia on 12 September 2005 to promote their new film, The Myth (Press Conference and Star Appearance)

Press Conference at Ritz Carlton Hotel

3.00pm – Arrived at the conference room.

3.30pm – Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong and Mallika Sherawat entered the conference room. As usual, Jackie was wearing his white clean outfit, Stanley Tong in a smart outfiit and Mallika Sherawat in a hot sexy dress! They began with self introduction and Mallika pops out “Apa Khabar?” (which means “How Are You” in Malay)

3.50pm – After some brief introduction to the movie, its Q&A session for the press and media.

4.15pm – Signature time!

Around 4.45pm – The press conference ended….

On the same day, they will meet the fans and promote the movie at 1U Shopping Complex (New Wing), Lower Ground OVAL at 8pm.

Continue Part 2 – Star Appearance at 1U Shopping Complex, PJ, Malaysia

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This site is a goldmine as a long time asian cinema fan its great to find ideas for Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese films (hell even the odd malay one). I’ll be visiting regularly.

Did you review that indonesian silat movie…I’ll think of the name…

Peter Cowen / April 29th, 2011, 5:54 am

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