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Seven Little Fortunes

aka “Chat Siu Fook” (in Cantonese)

Seven Little Fortunes are selected to perform for the Peking Opera School troupe. They will perform acrobatics stunts, acting, singing, dancing and martial arts at Laiyuen Amusement Park and other venues Their master/teacher is Master Yu Jim Yuen who has trained them to excel in the art of Chinese Opera. Basically, the training days are one hell of a tough time during their childhood life. They will have to train from dawn to dusk and each of every of them are well disciplined. They will need to study and work 19 hours a day. If they didn’t fulfill their practice or fail to achieve the standards, they will be punished. Now, they are all respectable people who have achieved alot in the Hong Kong / Chinese movie industry.

Jackie Chan, Master Yu and Sammo Hung at Master Yu’s 80th birthday celebration

The Seven Fortunes :

Yuen Lung (Sammo Hung Kam Bo)

Sammo Hung was born in Hong Kong on January 7, 1952. The “big brother” of the Seven Little Fortunes troupe because of his seniority to the Peking Opera School. Sammo Hung has been a great director and involved in many movies as director, action director and even producers.

Selected filmography : The Magnificent Butcher, Spooky Encounters, Pedicab Driver, Millionaire Express, Project A & Dragons Forever

Yuen Lo (Jackie Chan/Sing Lung/Chan Kwong Sang)

Jackie Chan was born in Hong Kong on April 7, 1954. He is adopted son of Master Yu Jim Yuen. Jackie Chan is one of the famous 3 brothers. He has many movies under his credits. Jackie Chan is by far the most successful of the seven fortunes.

Selected filmography : Drunken Master, Drunken Master 2, Project A, Police Story, Rumble in the Bronx, Rush Hour & New Police Story

Yuen Biao

Yuen Biao was born in Hong Kong on 26 July 1957. He is one of the 3 brothers. He is very talented in acrobatic stunts and skillful in movements. I think he has not fully showcased his ability as much as Jackie and Sammo in the movie industry.

Selected filmography : Saga of the Phoenix, Iceman Cometh, Eastern Condors, Dragons Forever, Project A & Wheels on Meals

Yuen Kwai (Corey Yuen)

Yuen Kwai focused more on directorial & producers role. He is now one of the top action directors to hit both Hong Kong and the United States. In 1985, he was the first Hong Kong director to successfully bring Hong Kong style action to an American film with No Retreat No Surrender.

Selected filmography : No Retreat No Surrender, So Close, The Transporter, Romeo Must Die & Fong Sai Yuk series.

Yuen Wah

Yuen Wah appeared in many movies in the early 80s and 90s. He usually play as the villain.

Selected filmography : Police Story 3 Supercop, Dragons Forever, Eastern Condor, Kung Fu Hustle & Kung Fu Mahjong.

Yuen Tak (Yuen Tai)

Not as famous as the other fortunes but he mostly worked on behind the scenes as director and choreographer.

Selected filmography : Asian Connection, My Young Auntie

Yuen Mo (Yuen Miu, Yuen Wu)

Not as famous as the other fortunes but he mostly worked on behind the scenes as director, stuntmen and choreographer.

Selected filmography : Magnificent Butcher


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