Naked Avengers (HK 2006)
Director: Wong Jing
Jordan Chan, Andy On, Cherrie Yin

Release Date : 11 May 2006

Detailed Plot :

WARNING : Spoilers

Sexy and sensuous, YoYo, Emma, Dora and Macy might look like harmless playgirls, but they were actually Winnie’s deadly killers who were well-trained and adept in the art of murder. They were all saved by Winnie when their family was murdered. Winnie promised them that once they had settled their vendetta and worked for her for three years, they would be set free…

Their first assignment was to kill Big Eyes, who had years ago raped Macy and murdered all her family members. Now the time had come for revenge. The four women went to Big Eyes’ disco and ambushed him.

However, a cop named Jet was in the disco that night investigating a case. When he saw YoYo, he recognized that she was his first love. They were very intimate while both were attending college. Jet clearly remembered that night, three years ago, when he had a date with YoYo at the cinema, but YoYo never showed up. That night, her family was brutally slaughtered by gangsters, YoYo was vanished since then.

The next morning, Big Eyes was found dead in the disco. Jet and his partner, Darren, were put in charge to investigate the case. The prime suspects were, of course, the four women avengers.

The next assignment was for YoYo to work as a nurse for Bowen’s 6 years old daughter, Sandy. YoYo was told to live in Bowen’s home and cracked his safe box to seize evidence of his evil doings. Afterwards YoYo would kill Bowen and his family, including Sandy. YoYo begged Winnie to spare the child, but Winnie refused. To keep her promise, YoYo complied with Winnie.

When YoYo met Jet again, she warned Jet of the danger of investigating Winnie. Jet on the other hand tried to persuade YoYo to give herself up to the police and helped him to apprehend Winnie.

When Winnie learned of their secret meeting, she reprimanded YoYo and sent other killers to eliminate Jet and Darren. YoYo and Emma saved them finally. Jet then realised that YoYo was still very much in love with him. Darren also felt in love with Emma.

Winnie pretended to forgive YoYo, and told her that once she completed her mission, she would be free to do whatever she wanted. Unbeknown to YoYo, Winnie had imprisoned Emma and almost tortured her to death.

On the night when Bowen officially declared his retirement from the gang, YoYo opened his safe box and stole the evidence which Winnie was looking for. She was shocked to discover that Bowen was actually Winnie’s lover seven years ago. They had a baby which was aborted, when Bowen deserted Winnie and beat her up badly. Winnie’s real intention was not to gather evidence against Bowen, but to avenge against him! Bowen was duly killed, but when Winnie tried to kill Sandy, YoYo took pity on the child and protected her while suffering injuries at the hands of Winnie. At the nick of time, Jet came to her rescue. However, Winnie escaped from the strong arms of the law…

YoYo had to stay in hospital to recover from her injuries. Jet came with a bouquet of roses and declared his love. He promised to wait until YoYo completed her prison terms to marry her.

Meanwhile, Winnie, dressed up as a policewoman, went to the hospital to kill YoYo. When YoYo’s life was in grave danger, she remembered that Winnie was allergic to roses. She made use of the bouquet of roses Jet gave her to overcome Winnie…

Many years later, the grey-haired Jet went to the cinema where YoYo failed to meet their date. This time, a familiar figure sat in the seat next to him. She was YoYo who was just released from prison. They got married and lived happily ever after….


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