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Queens of Langkasuka (THAI 2008) – Updates

The much awaited historical-fantasy epic – Queens of Langkasuka is set for 23 October 2008 wide release in Thailand. Check out the official website and the trailer below.

Project S (HK 1993)


Director : Stanley Tong
Cast : Michelle Yeoh, Yu Rong Guang, Bowie Lam, Emil Chau, Fan Siu Wong, Antena Chu Yan, Dick Wei, Alan Sit, Bill Tung, Jackie Chan (cameo).

Michelle Yeoh reprises her role of Inspector Yang, a no-nonsense cop from mainland China whose dazzling beauty conceals her sharp mind and martial arts mastery. Sent to Hong Kong to bust up a crime syndicate, Yang is flung into a tailspin when she discovers the gang is headed by her ex-lover. Can Yang find a compromise between her heart and her honor.

After the success of Police Story 3 (Supercop), here comes a spin-off for Michelle Yeoh’s character – Inspector Yang. Michelle Yeoh teams up with Emil Chau and Fan Siu Wong against the formidable Yu Rong Guang (Iron Monkey) and his gang. Overall, this movie is pretty decent with a good mix of fast-paced action sequences with love/drama elements. Look out for Jackie Chan & Eric Tsang cameo appearance in the second half of the movie. Recommended to all Michelle Yeoh fans!

Plot : 3/5
Acting : 3/5
Entertainment : 4/5
Overall :

Notable Scenes

  • Michelle Yeoh’s action & stunts
  • Michelle Yeoh vs big/tall guy in finale
  • Yeoh & Yu’s relationship

Kinta 1881 (MALAYSIA 2008) – Trailer

Finally, a full trailer for CL Hor’s long awaited martial arts flick - Kinta 1881.

Red Cliff Makes Box Office History


John Woo’s Red Cliff has raked in 302 million yuan (US$44.04 million) as of Monday, to became the only Chinese film to have crossed the 300 million yuan milestone. It also breaks the opening-weekend box office record in China.

Painted Skin (2008) – Trailer

Upcoming action-horror-thriller Painted Skin, directed by Gordon Chan, starring Donnie Yen, Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei and Chen Kun.