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Rob-B-Hood Press Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

by Chia-Li

Event : Press Conference of “Rob-B-Hood”
Date : 16 September 2006
Venue : Carlton Conference Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (KOREA 2002)

Director : Park Chanwook
Cast : Kang-ho Song, Ha-kyun Shin, Du-na Bae, Ji-Eun Lim, Bo-bae Han and Se-dong Kim

This is the story of Ryu, a deaf man, and his sister, who requires a kidney transplant. Ryu’s boss, Park, has just laid him off, and in order to afford the transplant, Ryu and his girlfriend develop a plan to kidnap Park’s daughter. Things go horribly wrong, and the situation spirals rapidly into a cycle of violence and revenge.

by Edward Tang

Park Chanwook is awesome. Not only did he produce the ever popular Oldboy (Excellent movie) but he also put his name on JSA: Joint Security Area, a masterpiece in it’s own right. His third film in the Vengeance Saga (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance) picked up the best picture award at the Korean Blue Dragon Awards. Basically, the guy knows how to direct movies that deserve attention and are well worth the price of admission. The same can be said for his first Vengeance-fueled romp in Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance. Okay, so it doesn’t have the BIG surprise at the end or power that Oldboy dishes out but who cares? Sympathy has mucho going for it, including great direction, storytelling and some great performances. I’ve seen three out of the four and I’m currently creaming my pants in anticipation for the third because a guy like this doesn’t come around often when he can make three involving films that basically punch you in the head. And don’t think that you won’t ask for another smack in the face, because this kind of pain is awesome.

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Dog Bite Dog (Double Disc Edition) (Joy Sales)

DVD Information
Distributor : Joy Sales
Audio : DTS 5.1, DD 5.1, Dolby 2.0
Discs : 2 (DVD9 and DVD5)
Languages : Cantonese, Mandarin
Format : NTSC
Subtitles : Chinese, English
Running Time : 108 minutes (movie)
Contents : 2 DVD, 2 postcards
Screen Ratio : 2.35:1 (movie) / 4:3 (bonus)
Classification : III
Region : 0 / ALL
Others : -

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The Myth Promo Tour in Malaysia – Part 2

Star Appearance at 1U Shopping Complex, PJ, Malaysia

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The Myth Promo Tour in Malaysia

by Gary Cheah

Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong and Mallika Sherawat was here in Malaysia on 12 September 2005 to promote their new film, The Myth (Press Conference and Star Appearance)

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