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Mongol (2007)

Director : Sergei Bodrov
Producers : Sergei Selyanov, Anton Melnik, Bulat Galimgereyev
Writers : Arif Aliyev, Sergei Bodrov
Cast :  Tadanobu Asano, Sun Honglei  

Official Websites : Mongol (Russia) | Mongol (US)
Release Date : Fall 2007 / TBA 2008

The story recounts the early life of Genghis Khan who was a slave before going on to conquer half the world including Russia in 1206.

Teaser Trailer #1 | Trailer 2

JC Kicks off Production Scheme with Super Girl’s “Diary”


The inspiring teenpic “Air Dairy”, which premiered on Sunday, boasts two dazzling titles: the virgin silver screen show of the 2006 Super Girl singer Xu Fei, and the first production of Jackie Chan’s filming plan named “Chinese New Movie Supporting Scheme”.

In the semi-autobiographical movie, Xu Fei, who’s now a senior music major at university, plays a college music graduate and pub singer. After her band is signed with a record company, she finds it hard to live in the showbiz industry, and chooses to leave the world of music. But she is finally led back again by her pals.

Actor Huang Jue co-stars in the movie and “Crazy Stone” star Huang Bo guest-stars in several impressive comical scenes, as a vagrant musician.

As the producer of the film, Jackie Chan attended the premiere, promoting his “Chinese New Movie Supporting Scheme”.

“I hewed out my career by playing real Kung Fu for more than 20 years. However, with the development of high tech, everyone can be made into a super man nowadays. The most striking Chinese films may be surpassed by others in a short time,” Chan said.

“Thus, I hope this scheme can help to scout the most talented new directors and actors. I can find investments. They just need to hand in a good production.”

Chan also confessed he hadn’t been so helpful to new people in the past. “When I was young, I actively supported only actresses, because they posed no threat to me.”

The movie will roll out in Chinese theatres in September 6.

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Kantoku Banzai! on DVD

Takeshi Kitano’s latest flick, Kantoku Banzai (aka Glory to the Filmmaker) on English Subtitled DVD!

DVD : Kantoku Banzai! (Japan Version)
Trailer : YouTube

Glory to the Filmmaker! stars Kitano Takeshi as a director named Kitano Takeshi who is known for his violent films. The character Kitano announces that he will no longer make violent films, and instead hopes to make a romance, a sci-fi, a ninja film, and even an Ozu Yasujiro-type drama, but his plans are frustrated at every step. The seven movies that the character Kitano works on in the film are all based on director Kitano’s actual ideas for possible films.

The Warlords (2007) – Trailers and Making Of

Peter Chan’s The Warlords, coming soon in Dec 2007.
Check out the trailers and making of :

Trailer 1 | Trailer 2 | Making Of

Johnnie To’s Exiled – US Release

Magnolia Pictures is excited to present EXILED in theaters starting August 31st. Official website at

Play Dates
8/31/2007 (Opening)
New York, NY: Angelika Film Center

Pasadena, CA: Playhouse 7 Cinemas
San Francisco, CA: Lumiere Theatre
West Hollywood, CA: Sunset 5
Chicago, IL: Music Box

Seattle, WA: Varsity Theatre

Hartford, CT: Real Art Ways Cinema
Portland, OR: Living Room Theaters

Chattanooga, TN: Bijou

Boulder, CO: International Film Series

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