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Cloverfield : 01-18-08

2 more days to Cloverfield ! Get ready…..


Dragon Dynasty’s Fatal Contact

Upcoming DVD release from Dragon Dynasty label – Fatal Contact, starring Wu Jing!

A naïve young athlete joins an underground prizefighting circuit to earn a little extra money to support his girlfriend. Surrounded by greed and ruthlessness, he is hardened into a brutal fighting machine, defeating opponent after opponent in a series of vicious battles, until he reaches the ultimate showdown where both his life and his soul hang in the balance.

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New trailer for Stephen Chow’s CJ7

Another new 2 minutes trailer for Stephen Chow’s CJ7. Enjoy!

US’s answer to Japan’s Godzilla?!

Interview on Matt Reeves (director of Cloverfield), coming real soon : 01-18-08

Oil Rig Collapses in Atlantic