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Kibakichi 2 (JAPAN 2004)

Director : Daiji Hattori
Cast : Ryuji Harada, Mike Tanaka, Masaktsu Funaki, Yoko Kamon, and Aimi Nakamura.

Its about a lone swordsman from Yokai, a land of monsters that once co-existed alongside man. Raised on raw meat rations and with an affinity with the full moon as well as a blistering skill with the sword his Yokai persona is that of a werewolf. In his venture to seek out the best in mankind, he finds himself in a desolate village and in the middle of an age-old battle between good and evil. Geisha turn into giant carnivorous spiders, samurai change into werewolves and ghostly monsters and skeletons prey on humans, KIBAKICHI delivers all the grit of a spaghetti western with the violent grace of a samurai flick.

by Edward Tang

Ah, not to long ago for this very website I reviewed a little film called Kibakichi. The film itself was full of monsters, spray-blood effects and entertaining action. Not a classic by any means and not really even a film that deserves to be remembered but it was fun. Now low and behold, a sequel was made and I was quite eager to check out the results. Well, not really eager because it is still a film about a bunch of stupid fucking monsters and has blood effects that are really quite hilarious if anything. But the film itself is so short and enjoyable that I didn’t really care. Yep, Kibakichi 2 is solid entertainment that has an easy story to follow and above average actions sequences that seem to take up the bulk of the 85 minute run time. There were a few things in general that I liked more than the original one that includes more action as compared to the first and the WOLF FIGHT, something that made me laugh that wasn’t suppose to be funny.

For those of you who haven’t seen the first one (probably all of you), Kibakichi is a half werewolf-man whose town people were wiped out and now he wanders the land like Zatoichi, searching for a purpose. This film starts out with Sakuramaru, a murderer who terrorizes a small town, confronting Kibakichi and them having a duel. Sakuramaru cuts Kichi good which makes the wolfman retreat to a small village where he saves a blind girl from a rabid dog. She instantly sees the good in him, while the town people are afraid of him because he’s a monster. During this, we meet Anju who is trying to murder Kibakichi to kill off the remaining person from her hometown (she’s a monster as well) and eventually to kill herself to remove the remaining monsters. Before they can get to this, a fuckup named Dogan wants to kill all monsters and then humans so he can take over the world. So Sakuramaru, Kibakichi and Anju eventually team up to kill the bastard and then settle things with each other later.

The story moves easily enough, it’s only 85 minutes remember and with this fact it never stays on anything for too long. The subplot with the blind girl wasn’t really necessary but they did it the right way. The character Kibakichi isn’t really that interesting or worthy of mention because he rarely says a word and is dull when he’s not killing people. There’s also some stuff about the background of the Sakuramaru character and how he was the bastard child of some white rapist who came to Japan and murdered a bunch of people. Funny stuff. But as a story, it’s successful at giving us what is needed and not leaving any questions unanswered, there’s even a helpful fuck in the beginning who explains what needs to be known (so basically you don’t have to see the first one to get everything here). It’s not deep stuff and it’s not gonna win any awards in the near future, but you probably knew that the moment you saw the DVD art (Kinda shitty eh?). WEREWOLVES AND MONSTERS! Fuckin’ stuff, man.

As for the monsters in this film, you should know before you see it that it’s full of a bunch of people in bad monster costumes. No CGI or anything, just bad costumes. That surely doesn’t tamper with the film, probably makes the thing more entertaining. For action, I think this film upped it from the last one as I recall it being kinda boring in the middle (perhaps I was tired) until it picked up at the end. There were a bunch of good scenes in this one, nothing of GREATNESS but it does the job. The final duel is probably the highlight, nothing compared to thousands of other great films but hey it’s entertaining with some type of ant-eater thing stabbing people. But for me, the true moment of this film was the WOLF FIGHT. I’m probably the only one who’ll think this is funny, but Kibakichi and Anju morph into wolves at the end of the film and supposedly fight, but what we see here is almost like dancing and hugging. I couldn’t stop laughing for some reason, and thinking about it now, I should really kick myself in the ass. The actors in the film were decent, no standouts as before.

Ah Kibakichi 2 is a fun film like its predecessor and is enjoyable for those who realize what it is and don’t dismiss it for things such as the stupid ass monsters (So very stupid, but stay with me here). It doesn’t deserve any type of praise for anything but the entertainment value, and probably many of the moments were entertaining when they probably weren’t suppose to be. But as I fall to sleep tonight, the image of the WOLF FIGHT will go through my head and I’ll wonder what the hell it was suppose to be. Fun film and little else, but give it a shot if you like that sort of thing.


Plot : 2/5
Acting : 2/5
Entertainment : 4/5
Overall : 2/5

Notable Scenes
- the final duel between Dogan/Kibakichi/Anju and Sakuramaru
- The WOLF FIGHT and various other fight scenes.

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