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Infection / Kansen (JAPAN 2004)


Director : Masayuki Ochiai
Cast : Koichi Sato, Masanobu Takashima, Mari Hoshino, Michiko Hada, Kaho Minami and Shiro Sano.

INFECTION takes place in a dark, isolated hospital, where one nurse’s mistake has led to dire consequences for a patient.

by Edward Tang

I’m not a fan of Japanese horror flicks, mainly because they aren’t scary and seem like the same thing over and over. So for me to see this one, I probably either didn’t check to see if it was a “Japanese” horror film, or I just didn’t care that day. Milking the success from previous hits that have also been made into successful American flicks (Ringu and Ju-on), obviously anything that has those names tagged on it, will catch the eye of any fan of these movies. So I threw on “Infection”, which actually beat out “Alive” as having no point to exist. Being a horror film, it contained many of scenes where there would just be talking. Yes, talking. Then as the people became “infected”, they’d spit out green slime. Then we lead to the typically cliched ending, which really leaves no room for thought. But horror is not what I received from this piece of shit. It wasn’t a gory, it wasn’t filled with good visuals (in this film, there’s a swing moving around, ohhh), it relied on quick shots to make us JUMP, but all I did was vomit. (From anger)

So the story starts about a hospital that has a small staff and not enough drugs to go around. The place is filled with idiots, from a lady who can’t find a vein in arms, to a guy obsessed with sewing up people. Later down the road, a man falls out of his bed (a badly burned man) and the doctors get to work on him. They accidentally put the wrong chemical in his IV drip, which causes him to die. Knowing that they must keep it a secret, so as to keep their jobs and such, they send the body into another room so it can decompose and rid the corpse of the evidence. During this time, the doctors forget that a body was delivered and has been waiting in the hallway for some time now. When they reach the body, they find that it has an unknown disease that has yet to been classified. They come across it later to find that the body has dissolved, and the disease could be anywhere.

This story seems very familiar to me, a bunch of people in a small place are taken out one by one by an unknown agent. The film’s pace is horrible and makes it seem longer than the 98 minute running time. Why? Because nothing really happens that catches our interests. The story moves slow and made me loose interest fast, and that’s not a good characteristic for a horror flick. But what really got me was the fact that they used so many things that were taken directly from other horror flicks, which made it seem just like a cut and paste job. It relied on the tactic of nasty images (not that nasty) and quick shots to other people for shock value (not that shocking). For instance, a girl dumps her hands in boiling hot water, which makes her scream out in pain. But it isn’t effective at all because then she just falls down. SCARY. Being honest, the green slime made the film even more crappier than before.

The performances were very shallow, and your basic creepy bastards. Screaming out dialog and looking stupid with crap coming out of your ears. That’s what I call scary. But it wasn’t so much that the performances were horrible, they just didn’t have much to work with. The small parts that went to an old lady who would talk to herself in the mirror and a kid who wore a weird mask, none of it led up to anything but they did get screen-time. There wasn’t anything to do in this film, and I can’t believe I’ve gotten four paragraphs of it. This flick ends with kind of a surprise ending, which I haven’t heard of before (at least they were unique) so maybe that quality was good. But the way that it’s revealed gives nothing to me the viewer, after sitting through waiting for this moment.

Being a long time fan of Japanese cinema, I have no idea what these films are suppose to bring the viewer. Every scene in this film did nothing to arouse my attention or bring me into the story. The characters throughout had stupid looks on their faces, when this disease was making people into green slime. And no, this film is far from violent, I guess a few scenes but nothing really stood out. The first thirty minutes THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happening, even the surgery that is performed is boring.

Plot : 2/5
Acting : 1/5
Entertainment : 2/5
Overall : 2/5

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