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Heroes of the East (HK 1978)

Director : Liu Chia-liang
Cast : Gordon Liu, Liu Chia-hui, Yasuaki Kurata, Yuka Mizumo

An arranged marriage between a proud Chinese man and a fiery Japanese woman leads to a variety of domestic squabbles, numerous cross-cultural misunderstandings, and a martial arts battle of epic proportions in Heroes of the East, an entertaining Shaw Brothers fightfest from master director Lau Kar Leung! Also known as Shaolin Challenges Ninja, this kung fu comedy stars Gordon Liu Chia Hui (36th Chamber of Shaolin, Kill Bill) as Ah To, a young man who marries a Japanese girl named Kuda (Yuko Mizuno). Their seeming matrimonial bliss is soon spoiled after a series of fights between husband and wife leads to a fed-up Kuda returning to Tokyo to consult her sensei! Viewing Ah To’s behavior as insulting to the Japanese people, Kuda’s sensei Sanzo (Fist of Legend’s Kurada Hoshou) heads to China with a crew of fighters in tow to teach the young man a lesson. With several martial arts masters at his doorstep, will Ah To be up to the challenge?

Quick Review
by Gary Cheah

Another kung fu masterpiece from the legendary director Liu Chia-liang. This is the battle between one Chinese men against the Japanese masters -competing in every aspect of martial arts skills -swords, spears ,pikes, karate, judo, and even Sai Seui. The action scenes are dazzling and well choreographed. If you are looking for the best old school kung fu Shaw Brothers flick, Heroes of the East should be the one for you.

Plot : 3/5
Acting : 3/5
Entertainment : 4/5
Overall : 3/5

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