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Fulltime Killer (HK 2001)

Director : Johnny To/Ka-Fai Wai
Cast : Starring Andy Lau, Takashi Sorimachi, Simon Yam, Kelly Lin and Cherrie Ying.

by Edward Tang

“Fulltime Killer” isn’t the best film about assassins but it goes up there as one of the most entertaining. Andy Lau is probably the shining star of this film, as he is in most films. Other than the fun action scenes, you also get some comedy for instance. The film isn’t a typical action film and has it some pointless and comical moments that are great especially for me. I liked this film a lot, because I had a great time watching it. It basically has the appeal of a video game, fun and interesting but some of the levels can get tedious.

The beginning shows the contrast of the hit men. O is very calculating, he isn’t trying to prove a point that he is a killer, he does the job, and even eliminates his friend from college without any emotion. “Your bound to rub out someone you know.” Tok is different, going in with the shotgun in flowers (shows his movie appeal), he whacks all the police and destroys his target with grenades. Didn’t have to, but did to throw his point. In all of this, Tok wants to be the best hit-man as O has this spot, which Tok can’t stand. I like the fact that both men are connected to Chin as well. It makes both men seem to have the same interests, although being different.

Takashi Sorimachi plays the typical hit-man, a quite man who does his job efficiently and quietly. He is good for this role, a little boring until he cuts it up with Lau at the end, but he uses the role well and is good. Andy Lau is funny as he overacts through his role, although some of his scenes in particular had me laughing (The “ending” where he kills O, and lifts his hands up in the air). Simon Yam is another Hong Kong star that seems to drift into and out of roles. He’s great in Bullet in the Head and Full Contact, and in this he just seems to be there. Kelly Lin, who plays the main girl, is cute and works with the role well. I liked her because she played the quiet girl, then the confident one when she grabs that gun. Great stuff.

The action sequences are well worth it. I liked the Metal Slug reference, and the ending was the right way. The surprise ending was corny I have to admit, it really wasn’t needed. My favorite scene in the film belongs to Andy Lau of course, sporting that Bill Clinton mask and taking out his target with a classical music score playing over the background was great.

I liked this film and bought it for $6, adding great features. It’s worth it for any fan of action, because it deals with that, and has a few scenes that can be enjoyable to anybody.

Plot : 3/5
Acting : 3/5
Entertainment : 4/5
Overall : 3/5

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