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Dragon Tiger Gate - A Wilson Yip Film
aka Long Hu Men / Lung Fu Mun

Director : Wilson Yip
Producer : Raymond Wong Pak Ming
Production Company : Mandarin Films Ltd
Cast : Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue

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The Gate of Dragon and Tiger, created by media magnate Tony Wong Yuk-long in the 1970s, was a milestone in the history of Hong Kong comics. More than one generation of Chinese youngsters have been mesmerized by its tales of heroism and heart-pounding martial arts scenes. Inspired by the basic human values that the series upholds, the film revisits a bygone era, where back street boys can fight for justice in the community. While the spectacular action will appeal to Chinese and international audiences, the film is also an attempt to rekindle the passion and vitality lost in a mercenary and morally ambiguous society.

Synopsis (might contain spoilers)

Tiger Wong is an exceptionally skilled martial artist with a strong sense of justice and benevolence. While dining at a floating restaurant, he chances upon a high level triad meeting and notices a family being bullied. Enraged by the sight he defeats the bullies using his special kick – Eighteen Dragon Slaying Kick. At the same time, he unwittingly takes a gold medal which is a precious trophy of the triad gangs.

It turns out that the gold medal is the Lousha Death Plaque granted by Shibumi, the leader of Lousha Gate. ‘Gate’ is a word describing a martial arts sect or organization and Lousha Gate is a major Asian criminal organization. The receiver of the Lousha Death Plaque has the power to demand the full cooperation of Lousha Gate. During his celebrations the gang ambushes Tiger, who is unaware of the plague’s powers. As fate has it Dragon Wong, the bodyguard of one of the gangsters, who is also sent to retrieve the plaque, saves him. A blonde, nun-chakus wielding youth, Turbo Shek, also joins in to help them. Dragon retrieves the medal from Tiger. Tiger is shocked when he notices a jade pendant worn by Dragon and realizes that he is his step-brother.

Although Dragon is part of Jiang Hu - the complicated society of the martial arts world involving different Gates of evil and good - and working for a criminal gang, he has kept himself away from any criminal activities. After Dragon’s gangster boss Ma Kun returns the plaque to Shibumi he announces his retirement from Jiang Hu. Shibumi is angry upon hearing this news and sends his adopted daughter Lousha to destroy Ma.

In the meantime, Tiger has asked Ma Kun’s daughter Ma Xiaoling, to help him inform Dragon that they are brothers. Xiaoling, who has already taken a liking to Tiger, agrees to help him. Dragon actually recognised Tiger from the beginning but refuses to accept him. Lousha kills Ma Kun and massacres his family, but fortunately Dragon manages to fight his way out and escapes to Dragon Tiger Gate with Ma Xiaoling. Dragon hands Xiaoling over to Tiger and leaves, as he is unable to forget the past and so is unable to enter Dragon Tiger Gate. Tiger and Shek are incensed by the massacre and pledge to take revenge for Xiaoling.

Excited by the appearance of worthy opponents at Dragon Tiger Gate, Shibumi appears itching for a fight and kills their master Wong Jianglong. Tiger and Shek are devastated. They try to fight back but are no match for Shibumi. Shibumi wipes out Dragon Tiger Gate and leave the two heroes for dead.

Xiaoling escapes with the badly wounded heroes to Bai Yun Mountain in China to seek help from Master Qi, an enigmatic recluse who lives there. Qi is famed for his expert skills in martial arts and healing, but is also know for his eccentricity and unpredictability. Xiaoling uses everything she has to persuade him to help Tiger and Shek. She finally wins him over with her sincerity. Upon being cured, the heroes beg Master Qi to teach them his unique fighting skills and they vow to revenge the death of their master Wong Jianglong. Meanwhile, Dragon almost dies from internal injuries but is saved by Lousha, as all along Lousha and Dragon have been lovers. She betrays Shibumi and steals a medicinal pill from Lousha Gate to save Dragon.

Our three heroes practise hard at their new found fighting skills in the hope of increasing their capabilities in order to take revenge on Shibumi, clearing their debts once and for all.
Back at Lousha Gate, the invincible Shibumi is unafraid of the trio’s attack. He has set the trap and waits at the scene of their final showdown…

Detailed Plot (might contain spoilers)

Dragon Tiger Gate is a martial arts academy established by three youngsters, Tiger Huang , Little Dragon Huang and Black Dragon Shi. Adopted as children by kung fu master Huang Jianglong, they aspire to impart the spirit of Chinese martial arts to the world. The traditional ‘bun mountain' contest on Cheung Chau island. Every year, athletes and martial arts experts scramble to get to the top of a bamboo tower covered with lucky buns. The three heroes join the contest, but each is spurred by a different motive.

One girl presides over the contest. She is Luosha, daughter of Shibumi, lord of the notorious and legendary Japanese underground empire Luosha Gate. A master of the Shaolin school of “Muscle-bone Strengthening Classics,” the ruthless, sadistic Shibumi wants to rule the world.

The sight of contestants cheating to defeat their opponents enrages Tiger, who defeats everyone to win the gold medal hidden at the top. This upsets Shibumi's plan to rig the game and reserve the medal for one of his Chinese gangsters. He orders the Hong Kong gangs to recover it in three days. When one of his senior gang leaders Mao Kun disobeys his orders, Shibumi has his whole family wiped out. The only survivor is Mao Xiaoling, who is rescued by Black Tiger, and brought to Dragon Tiger Gate.

Luosha mobilizes all her forces to attack Dragon Tiger Gate, but they are no match for the heroes. Luosha has a chance to kill Little Dragon, but she couldn't bring herself to do so.

Fascinated by the appearance of a worthy opponent, Shibumi challenges the heroes to a duel and even tries to recruit them into the underworld. To help his three disciples escape, Master Huang stands up to Shibumi, but is killed. Tiger's legs are broken.

Xiaoling disguises herself as a man and takes the heroes to Shaolin Temple in China. She entreats an enigmatic monk to treat their injuries. At first, he refuses, but relents after Xialing attempts to hurt herself. He cures the heroes, then teaches each of them a unique fighting skill.

Meanwhile, Luosha ventures alone to Shaolin Temple to track down Little Dragon, but when she finds him, she falls in love with him and ends up teaching him Shibumi's “Muscle-bone Strengthening” techniques. The other heroes master the arts learned from the Shaolin monk, and the three return to Hong Kong to avenge their master's death. Luosha realizes that Little Dragon will use the skills she taught him against her own father, but she fails to stop him.

The final showdown between good and evil is a spectacular battle that makes the walls of Dragon Tiger Gate quake…

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