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Drunken Master (HK 1994)

Director : Lau Kar Leung
Cast : Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Ti Lung, Felix Wong, Lau Kar Leung, Ken Lo, Ho Sung Pak and Chin Kar Lok.

Jackie stars as Wong-Fei Hung for the second time, as battles against foreigners who want to export ancient Chinese artifacts for profit.

by Edward Tang

“Are you the drunken boxer?” to with Jackie responds “I don’t know about boxing, but I am pretty drunk.”

Jackie Chan is the greatest person alive today. If his film career could have one film that summed up what Chan can bring to the table, you would have to see Drunken Master II to see what the man has to offer. Every problem you have with Jackie’s American flicks can easily be forgotten when you throw this bad boy into your DVD player. It shows how you can blend the right amount of comedy and the right amount of action into a film.

If you didn’t like this film, please go bury yourself in the desert, you already are dead. This film is most of all fun, an exercise in complete entertainment, and if that isn’t enough, just watch some of the amazing fights and stunts that a 40 year old pulled off. Hell when my father was 40, the guy could barely sit up, and Jackie is running himself through hot coals. But this is easily another film that one could watch and just enjoy some of the jokes of, it has enough of them to keep you chuckling for entire time period. Let me just say that the American version of the this film wasn’t horribly cut (Thank God), and only missed a scene at the end of Jackie acting retarded. The dubbing isn’t that bad, and I think they changed up the original score but at least they didn’t cut that much. But still, see the original, and relive one of the best (if not the best) martial arts film that just can’t be beat in delivering kick ass action, and some laughs.

Jackie stars once again as Wong-Fei Hung, the hero whom has been played by a girl in Iron Monkey, and probably more famously as Mr. Jet Li. Jackie is this film, he is in basically every scene, and cannot be beaten as far as pure charm and ability is concerned. The film also contains Anita Mui, whom has starred alongside her ex-lover (yeah baby) in such films as Rumble in the Bronx and Miracles. She is pretty damn funny as well, and actually was worth casting in this film rather than some of the throwaway women in a Chan film such as anytime you see Jackie pairing up with Maggie Cheung. Ti Lung, a famous Shaw Brothers actor is great as Jackie’s father, although he must have gotten laid young, he’s only about 6 years older than Jackie. Way to go! Then to round out the cast you’ve got Felix Wong, who more or less plays his role correctly, as Jackie’s friend. You’ve got Chia-Liang Liu to play the guy who is killed off to show the ruthless of thy villains! Mr. Mortal Kombat himself Ho Sung Pak plays Ken Lo’s lackey, and is more or less okay. Then to mention the man, the myth, the friggin’ legend Mr. Ken Lo! Lo always plays a minor part, but when given top billing as Jackie’s main foe, he does very well. If you want to connect with some more of Lo’s work, check out Into the Sun with Steven Seagal. Yeah you got me! Steven Seagal is dead! (Note: Steven Seagal isn’t dead, I just hate him).

The plot is basically more or less the typical fare. You’ve got Chan against a bunch of losers who want ancient artifacts. That’s basically the film. Chan’s ideals I heard, differed from what Chia-Liang Liu originally wanted for this flick. So he got the boot and Chan took over most of the other scenes that had yet to been filmed. I’m glad that happened, because all and all, the fights are top notch and have yet to been passed by the man himself. Truly seeing this film for the first time was just plain fun, from Jackie’s classic drunk scenes, to just anytime Anita Mui had something to say, that alone made this film worth watching. But to experience the type of action sequences, whoa now. The first one we are introduced to, is to see what the art of Drunken Boxing has to offer, and why the hero can’t always depend on it. Goons pick a fight with Jackie, he kicks some ass, they keep coming! Alcohol is the definite answer when you cannot go anymore! Truly some of the best moments are just Jackie going through the different stages of Drunken Boxing.

The finale with Ken Lo is awesome and is the highlight of the film. The fast-paced motion along with some truly painful stunts, and even some humor with Jackie blowing bubbles shows everyone that these things can be used to make a scene very much memorable. And what do you know, Mr. Bodyguard himself Lo is actually a worthy fighter and basically kicks Chan’s ass until he drinks some toxic shit and has a horrible spasm. By then, you should be deep in joy, this film cannot and should not ever be mentioned in the same line as boring. Shit I just did it, but you know where I am getting at.

I don’t know what you’ve learned from this review, if anything. I’m a huge fan of Jackie Chan, and this remains as one of his finest flicks. If you had to see one of his films, I’d suggest this. It adds action, comedy, and hell you get some teary-eyed moments from Jackie himself. The hype is real, this films is truly one of the most entertaining films I’ve ever seen and is just plain fun. Oh yeah, the fighting rules.

Plot : 3/5
Acting : 4/5
Entertainment : 5/5
Overall : 5/5

Notable Scenes
- Jackie fighting against the thugs and revealing Drunken Boxing
- Jackie and Lau Kar Leung fighting under the train and the Tea house fight
- Jackie vs. Ken Lo in the finale

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