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Kinta 1881 (MALAYSIA 2007)

Director : CL Hor
Executive Producer : Adrian Wong & Wong Chee Meng
Producer : Jean Liang, Andy Lee & Andrew Lee
Photography : Jacky Tang
Scriptwriter : Chow Kam Leong
Music : Chow Kam Leong
Screenplay : Chow Lam Leong & CL Hor
Art Director : Ben Hor
Stunts Director : Chin Kar Lok

The movie is set in the Kinta Valley in the 1880s, when tin ore was discovered in the area and Chinese immigrants flooded the valley in the hope of making their fortune.

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As Malaysia’s First Martial Arts Film, Kinta 1881 would be one interesting flick to catch this year. Directed by CL Hor (3rd Generation) and the action sequences will be choreographed by Hong Kong’s actor/stuntman – Chin Kar Lok.

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Release Date
November 2007 (Malaysia)

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Seed of Darkness (MALAYSIA 2006)

Director : Michael Chuah
Cast : Sze-sen Wong, Amber Chia, Alvin Wong, Vick Teo

Seed of Darkness weaves a spooky tale of the life of a single mother by choice who decides to undergo the “in-vitro fertilization process” in Singapore to have a child of her own. 7 years later, she moves into a new apartment and her child begins to behave oddly, much to the bafflement of her young mother. Her fear begins to mount when she finds her child frequently talking to herself and insist that she can see her non-existent father.

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Impak Maksima (MALAYSIA 2007)


Director : Ahmad Idham
Cast : Awal Ashaari, Eizlan Yusof, Zul Huzaimy, Cat Farish, Opie Zami, Dynas Mokhtar 

The story follows Ayie, a college student who likes to race illegally at night. Loyai, his college friend, and Amran, his mechanic are always by Ayie’s side in all the races. Meanwhile, Ayie lives with his brother, Johari after their parents passed away. As a former professional Rally racer, Johari strives to prevent Ayie from following his footsteps by providing him a sound education.

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