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H (KOREA 2002)

Director: Lee Jong-Hyuk
Producer: Oh Jeong-Wan
Cast : Ji Jin-Hee, Yum Jung-Ah, Jo Seung-Wu, Seong Ji-Ru, Lee Eol

The gruesome murders of three pregnant women bear a resemblance to murders committed by killer Shin Hyun. The only problem for the police is that at the time of the killings Shin was locked up in prison and so they fear that a copy-cat killer is loose. Detectives Kim and Kang are partnered up to solve the case. Due to a lack of evidence, the detectives have no choice but to go to the prison and talk to Shin to see what he knows about the killings….

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Family Ties (KOREA 2006)

Director : KIM Tae-yong
Producer : BAE Yong-kook
Exec.Producer : KIM Kwang-seop
Cast : MOON So-ri (Mira), UHM Tae-woong (Hyung-chul), GOH Doo-shim (Mu-shin),KONG Hyo-jin (Sun-kyung)

Synopsis :
Mi-ra, who runs a small snack food restaurant, has a trouble-maker brother, Hyung-chul. After being discharged from the military, he goes missing. After five years Hyung-chul suddenly comes back home accompanied by a middle-aged woman, Mu-sin. He gives a bunch of flowers to Mi-ra and introduces Mu-sin as his wife, even though they have not had a wedding ceremony. Mu-sin looks at least 20 years older than Hyung-chul. From that moment, an eccentric family is born.

by Edmund Yeo

I know nothing about Family Ties (but then, I’m usually oblivious to most Korean films unless they’ve made a huge splash internationally), but was spurred to watch it due to many positive reviews. While it is called Family Ties in English, I believe its more literal translation is The Birth Of A Family, a title which seems initially meaningless until I gradually realized what was this ensemble film about, and it’s really cleverly constructed, but I’ll try to keep things spoiler-free.

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