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PTU (HK 2003)

Director : Johnny To
Cast :  Simon Yam, Suet Lam, Ruby Wong, Maggie Siu, Eddy Ko, Hoi-Pang Lo, Ho-Yin Wong, Jerome Fung and Frank Michael Liu.

Over the course of one night, a team of cops frantically search for their colleague’s missing gun.

by Edward Tang

The first time I saw PTU was in a room full of 35 people, a small screening of some type. I don’t really remember. Anyways, I remember walking out and feeling that the film was basically 90 minutes of nothing, just a bunch of standing around and nothing to show for it. For sure I wasn’t going to give it a second glance, why should I? But of course, I got a Christmas gift from some relative, he heard that I liked Asian flicks. He bought me about 20. Included in such was PTU, and I thought I’d never watch it again. But hell, why not? Surely the film could have some redeeming qualities in it, and I was glad that I did give it a second chance. Johnnie To is a master at his craft, showing the seedy underbelly of the night, and being able to actually see the characters for once. (rather than in some flicks that have night scenes and you see a bunch of rumbling and tumbling). Simom Yam leads the cast of PTU as they search as it seems, endlessly into the night for Lo’s gun. I must admit that I was expecting a bunch of action and shootouts after watching To’s other vehicle “The Mission”. The story is simple in structure and the acting follows that suit, but something about the direction and how the story moves along, gives us a hope that something might just occur that we don’t expect.

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Prison On Fire (HK 1987)

Director : Ringo Lam
Cast : Chow Yun Fatt, Tony Leung Kar Fai, Roy Cheung, William Ho, Tommy Wong

After being framed for a murder and sentenced to an anarchic prison ruled by a brutal guard, a naive businessman finds an ally in the ever-honorable Mad Dog in this brutal but touching action drama from master director Ringo Lam.

Lo Ka Yiu (Tony Leung) is the new “fish” at a prison run by the nefarious “Scarface” Hung (Roy Cheung), who rules the institution with an iron fist and a perpetual sneer. Lo immediately starts off on the wrong foot by demonstrating both anxiety and a stiff, by-the-rules attitude that alienates both the corrupt guard and the entrenched Triad hierarchy. Meanwhile, “Mad Dog” (Chow Yun Fatt), an easy going veteran convict, takes Lo under his wing and protect him. Prison on Fire is a not just a typical HK prison movie, but a much truly great HK flick in the 80s. Its a tense, understated melodrama  that’s Hong Kong’s answer to Cool Hand Luke.Ringo Lam won Best Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards for this movie which followed by another fairly good sequel, Prison on Fire II.

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Police Story (HK 1985)

Director : Jackie Chan
Producer : Leonard Ho Koon-Cheung 
Writer : Jackie Chan,Edward Tang King-Sun 
Action Director : Jackie Chan’s Stunt Team 
Cast :  Jackie Chan, Brigitte Lin, Maggie Cheung, Charlie Cho, Yuen Chor, Danny Chou, Mars, Kwok-Hung Lau and Bill Tung.

The story is about a police raid on a drug gang goes awfully wrong, and for detective Jackie Chan, nothing seems to go right from there. The gang boss is acquitted at his trial, when Jackie’s evidence mysteriously disappears. Jackie’s attempt to rescue a beautiful but reluctant key witness results in his being framed for murder. Now on the run from both the gang and his own squad, Jackie must stay alive long enough to bring the gang to justice and convince his colleagues of his innocence.

by Edward Tang

There are some films that will always live because they truly are the best of the genre. Police Story for example has everything you could ask for, truly humorous moments and some of the best action you could ever ask for on screen. Jackie Chan hit bad in America so he decided to come back to Hong Kong and make a true action film, and that’s exactly what he did. The film contains probably one of the best stunts you could ever have seen, literally this stunt looks insane, but gives the film something you’d never see from a Stallone or Ah-nuld vehicle. This film still lives on as one of Jackie’s finest (his favorite “action” film) and one of the films that is COMPLETE 100% entertainment from beginning to end.

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Exodus (HK 2007)

Director : Edmond Pang Ho Cheung
Cast : Simon Yam, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Maggie Siu, Irene Wan, Annie LIU

Release Date : 4th October 2007

Yuan is a poor and quiet girl from Taiwan who got married and settled down in Hong Kong. However, her marriage was soon over and she is separated from her husband Bing. One day, Bing goes missing and the police looks for Yuan to record statement. Ye is a policeman who happens to be involved in an earlier case where Bing is caught for peeping in the washroom. Bing had earlier explained to Ye that he had discovered an incredible secret: a lot of women were planning secretly to destroy men and they were exchanging their ideas in the washroom. Ye was feeling bizarre about the whole case, as whenever he found some evidence, they would go missing at a blink! Ye soon developed feelings for Yuan and the both soon discovered that Bing was killed because he knew too much about the secret organization. The both are in danger too…

Peace Hotel (HK 1995)

Director : Wai Ka Fai
Producer : John Woo
Screenplay : Wai Ka Fai
Cinematographer : Wong Wing Hang
Cast : Chow Yun Fat, Cecilia Yip, Chin Ho, Lau Shun, Annabelle Liew, Ng Sin Lin

The death of his wife provokes the ‘King of Killers’ to go on a killing spree. After murdering dozens of men single-handedly the Killer has an epiphany. He decides to open the ‘Peace Hotel’, a place where criminals fleeing for their lives can find a save-haven. The rule of the ‘Peace Hotel’ is observed by all including mobs and the local law-keepers– while under the roof of the Peace Hotel, any man or woman comes under the protection of The Killer. Ten years after the hotel first opened its doors, a young woman arrives who tries to hustle the occupants of the hotel. The Killer decides to throw her out, but when a lynch mob appears outside he has to decide whether to extend his protection to the troublemaker and risk endangering the lives of everyone living in the building, or to sacrifice her to the angry crowd

by Martin Cleary

In his last Hong Kong role before disappearing to Hollywood, Chow Yun-Fat quite aptly takes the role of The Killer (sounds familiar!) a man who is searching for redemption after the death of his wife and his subsequent murdering of dozens of people. The film opens with a flashback sequence of carnage, images which later haunt the hotel like a ghost.

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