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Bodyguards & Assassin (2009) – Promo Reel

Shinjuku Incident (2008) – Trailer

Directed by Derek Yee, Starring Jackie Chan, Daniel Wu, etc

Storm Warriors – Official Website


The official website for Storm Riders II (aka Storm Warriors) is up. Check it out here.

Kinta is built on action

It is Malaysia’s first ever full-fledged martial arts movie. It’s been shown at the Cannes Film Festival, and headlined the recent KL Film Festival. Distributors in China, Japan and Europe have snapped it up. It’s even slated to be the first ever-Malaysian film to be screened in regular cinemas in America.

Yes, on paper, Kinta is set to be a big success. Unfortunately, it just isn’t the film that director C.L. Hor wanted it to be.

Rewind almost two years back (in January 2007, to be exact) to a press conference to announce the filming of “the first ever Malaysian Chinese martial arts movie”.

Then titled Kinta 1881 the film would star former world wushu champion Robin Ho in the lead role; along with three other national wushu champions (Michael Chin, Kuan Fei Jun and Shawn Lee), as well as world taichi exponent David Bao from China.

Back then, Hor had proudly proclaimed that the story would be about the history of the Malaysian Chinese – how they came here, how they moved on from the tin mines and continued living in this country after 1881. The martial arts and action, in his own words, were “merely there to increase the entertainment value of the movie”.
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Ip Man – Teaser Trailer