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Ang Lee’s ‘Lust, Caution’ Gets Adult Rating

The erotic spy thriller “Lust, Caution,” the latest from director Ang Lee, has drawn an NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Association of America.

The movie, starring Tony Leung and newcomer Tang Wei, will screen during the Toronto International Film Festival before opening in New York Sept. 28 and expanding to more U.S. markets Oct. 5.

Focus Features, the film’s distributor, was said to have accepted the MPAA rating without a fuss, Variety reported Thursday.

“As with so many of his previous films, Oscar-winning director Ang Lee has crafted a masterpiece about and for grown-ups,” said Focus Chief Executive Officer James Schamus, who co-wrote “Lust, Caution” with Wang Hui Ling.

The Mandarin-language, sexually explicit film is based on Eileen Chang’s short story about a shy Chinese drama student drawn into an assassination plot against a Japanese collaborator during World War II.

The MPAA created the NC-17 rating in 1990 as an attempt to remove the stigma of an X rating.

Lee’s last film, the provocative “Brokeback Mountain,” earned him the Academy Award in the director’s category.

Source : UPI

New LoveAsianFilm.com !


LoveAsianFilm.com has been going slow for the past few months as I was busy with my career and work. Recently, i’ve decided to revamp the entire website into another design and publishing platform. After weeks of development, voila!… here is the new look and website of LoveAsianFilm.com. At the moment, i’m still migrating the contents to the new platform so please bear with me.

I hope you all will like it and thanks alot for the support throughout the years.

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Again, thanks alot!

Gary Cheah

A New Title for Stephen Chow’s Sci-Fi Comedy

Stephen Chow’s “A Hope” (aka “Long River 7″) has yet another new title: “CJ7,” according to a senior source at Sony.
Pic, which is in post-production, will be distributed by Sony Pictures Classics in North America, while Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia acquired world rights outside China.

Fantasy stars Chow as a poor Chinese laborer who learns important life lessons when his son gets a strange new toy.

“CJ7,” which also was scripted and helmed by Chow, was produced through his shingle Star Overseas in association with mainland China co-producer China Film Group.

No release date has been set, but it’s targeted for the Chinese New Year.

Sony previously handled Chow’s “Kung Fu Hustle” and also inked a multi-picture production deal with Star Overseas in May.

The first pic in the deal is “Jump,” a hip-hop dance romantic comedy that stars Kitty Zhang as a cleaner who lives a different life at night.

Pic will be produced by Chui Po Chu (“Kung Fu Hustle,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) and is expected to begin shooting this year. Sony Pictures Releasing Intl. will handle distribution of “Jump” and all future pics in the deal.

Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia is the Hong Kong-based production and acquisition department of Sony Pictures Entertainment that was responsible for Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”

Source : Variety

Asian Hawk is back for Armour of God 3

For Americans, Rush Hour 3 is a big sequel with lots of buzz. For the more select fans who followed Jackie Chan’s career in Hong Kong, there is even bigger news about a sequel to one of Chan’s most popular series.

“Next year, April the 1st, I start a new movie,” Chan revealed. “I direct, I write my own script. It’s called Operation Condor 3: Chinese Zodiac. Big action.”

The Operation Condor series features Chan as an Indiana Jones-style adventurer pursuing mythical artifacts, with Chan’s trademark style of action scenes. Perhaps the biggest find in part three will be Chan’s return to directing.

“I haven’t been directing for more than 10 years, even though I’m helping all my directors on the set. But now this time I’m totally in control. I write my own script. You’ll see what happens.

This may be the most personal Jackie Chan movie in a decade. “Directing you can do a lot of things. I can put all my messages inside, I can put all my ideas inside. It’s the feeling I create something.”

Meanwhile, Chan is currently filming The Forbidden Kingdom, a Western take on the classic Chinese “Journey to the West” tale, with Jet Li and Collin Chou. He can also be seen soon in Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour 3, out August 10.

Source : RottenTomatoes