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Yip Man – On Set

On a set for the movie, Yip Man -another Wilson Yip and Donnie Yen collaboration. More photos, go here.

DVDs Highlight

Prachya Pinkaew’s Chocolate (Thai DVD) : Click Here
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Finally, a teaser trailer for Kinta 1881

Storm Riders II Character Designs


Check out these stunning artwork, 13 characters :


Jackie Chan and Jet Li Plan Second Collaboration

Martial-arts giants Jackie Chan and Jet Li formed such a close bond on new film The Forbidden Kingdom, they’re already planning a second movie collaboration.

Chan admits he was reluctant to sign up to the $75 million Hollywood production, but didn’t hesitate when he found out Li was on board–because he’s always dreamed of teaming up with his pal on screen.

He says, “The first day we started filming, it felt like we had worked together for many years. After filming this movie, we didn’t have enough fun.”

An equally enthusiastic Li adds, “In four months (of filming), we went from friends to becoming brothers.”

And now that they’ve sampled life on-set together, they’re eager to bring a script they’ve been working on for 15 years to the big screen–although neither actor is prepared to divulge any plot details.

The Forbidden Kingdom is due for release next month.