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Tony Jaa found


Tony Jaa is back! He made an appeareance in an inteview at the MCOT Program “Nine Entertain” on 28th July 2008. He was shocked and stunned by the news and rumours about his dissappearance and the production of Ong Bak 2. He also said, it was a total misunderstanding. Check out the interview clip and photos.

Interview with the actress – Tan Chui Mui

Ming Jin interviews acclaimed filmmaker Tan Chui Mui, who has two roles in THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA. Go here for the full interview article.

And, the trailer for the movie :

Red Cliff Theme Song – Heart, War

Theme song from the movie, Red Cliff. Sang by Alan Dawazhuoma (aka aLan). Click on the links for the music video. Link 1 | Link 2

I Come With The Rain (2008)

Starring international cast Josh Hornett (Pearl Harbour), Lee Byung-Hyun (A Bittersweet Life), Takuya Kimura (2046) and Shawn Yue (Invisible Target), Tran Anh Hung’s I Come With The Rain looks promising! Check out the promo reel @ Twitch!

Tony & Carina finally married

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Carina Lau Kar-Ling finally married in Bhutan. More coverage, go here.