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US’s answer to Japan’s Godzilla?!

Interview on Matt Reeves (director of Cloverfield), coming real soon : 01-18-08

Oil Rig Collapses in Atlantic

Chocolate (THAI 2008) – Action Thriller!


Director Prachya Pinkaew and fight choreopgraher Panna Rittikrai (Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong) is back with another die hard action flick!

Len is a young, autistic girl who has razor sharp fighting skills and lives with her mom. When mom gets cancer the kid picks up her mom’s diary containing a list of people who owe her money and, one by one, she tracks them down and kicks their butts until they cough up the cash so she can pay her mom’s medical bills. But most of the debtors belong to a group known as No. 8 and their membership includes some powerful politicians who decide that this spin-kicking teen has the potential to make them look bad so they decide to kill her. (source : kaijushakedown.com)