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Drunken Master (HK 1994)

Director : Lau Kar Leung
Cast : Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Ti Lung, Felix Wong, Lau Kar Leung, Ken Lo, Ho Sung Pak and Chin Kar Lok.

Jackie stars as Wong-Fei Hung for the second time, as battles against foreigners who want to export ancient Chinese artifacts for profit.

by Edward Tang

“Are you the drunken boxer?” to with Jackie responds “I don’t know about boxing, but I am pretty drunk.”

Jackie Chan is the greatest person alive today. If his film career could have one film that summed up what Chan can bring to the table, you would have to see Drunken Master II to see what the man has to offer. Every problem you have with Jackie’s American flicks can easily be forgotten when you throw this bad boy into your DVD player. It shows how you can blend the right amount of comedy and the right amount of action into a film.
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Dead Or Alive (JAPAN 1999)

aka Dead Or Alive: Hanzaisha

Director : Takashi Miike
Producer : Makoto Okada, Katsumi Ono
Screenplay : Ichiro Ryu
Cast : Riki Takeuchi, Sho Aikawa, Renji Ishibashi, Hitoshi Ozawa, Shingo Tsurumi, Kaoru Sugita

Ryuichi is a ruthless young gangster who craves power so much that he will do almost anything to get it. He has no loyalties to anyone except himself and his younger brother Toji who has returned to Shinjuku after studying in the U.S. Ryuichi, Toji and their small gang plan to take control of the underworld, taking the power from the Japanese and Chinese gangs who currently dominate it. On their trail is a lone cop – Detective Jojima – a troubled man who is trying to raise cash to give his daughter a life-saving operation.

by Martin Cleary

Firstly, Dead or Alive is directed by Takashi Miike. If you’ve seen any of his other films then you know that it means that this film is fairly extreme: the violence is raw and nasty, there’s a fair amount of perverse sex, and the film is rough in a way that it almost batters the viewer about as it goes. If you like this sort of film, then no-one seems to do it better than Takashi Miike!

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Bangkok Dangerous (THAI 1999)

Director : Oxide Pang Chun and Danny Pang
Cast : Pawalit Mongkolpisit, Premsinee Ratanasopha, Patharawarin Timkul, Pisek Intrakanchit, Korkiate LImpapat and Piya Boonnak.

The story is of a deaf-mute hitman and his partner who are based in Bangkok. He is friends with his partner’s girlfriend who is a stripper at a local club. They go about their assassination business as usual as the boss climbs the underworld ladder and forms new alliances. Flashbacks explain how he got to this point in his life. He forms a relationship with a young woman from the pharmacy who is caring and innocent. The hunts continue as treachery begins. A big name hit makes him realize that good people are hurt by his actions. The first rule of assassination closes in on him as he strikes revenge.

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Invisible Target (HK 2005)

Invisible Target Poster

Director : Benny Chan
Cast : Nicholas Tse, Jaycee Chan, Shawn Yue, Andy On, Wu Jing
Release Date : 19th July 2007
Official Website : www.invisibletarget.com

The rise of Ronin Gang, a band of notorious robbers affected the lives of three policemen drastically. Each of the three policemen: Fang (starring Shawn Yue), Jing Hau (starring Jaycee Chan) and Chen (starring Nicholas Tse) have their own stories but are motivated to achieve a common goal: to bring Jiang (starring Wu Jing), the leader of the Ronin Gang to justice.

Time is running out as Jiang’s influence grew and the gang’s ruthless acts are getting out hand. With Fang’s wit, Jing Hau’s courage and Chen’s dexterity, the three vowed to capture Jiang. However, it was also during the intense period of tracking the Ronin Gang that the three learnt about the presence of a prominent figure in the police force who is in cahoots with Jiang… With all these against them, they are even more determined to rid the evil doings of Jiang and his accomplice…

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All About Lily Chou Chou (JAPAN 2001)

Director : Shunji Iwai
Producer : Naoki Hashimoto
Cast : Hayato Ichihara, Takao Osawa, Shugo Oshinari, Miwako Ichikawa, Yu Aoi, Izumi Inamori, Ayumi Ito

Synopsis :
Life isn’t easy for a group of high school kids growing up absurd in Japan’s pervasive pop/cyber culture. As they negotiate teen badlands- school bullies, parents from another planet, lurid snapshots of sex and death- these everyday rebels without a cause seek sanctuary, even salvation, through pop star savior Lily Chou-Chou, embracing her sad, dreamy songs and sharing their fears and secrets in Lilyholic chat rooms. Immersed in the speed of everyday troubles, their lives inevitably climax in a fatal collision between real and virtual identities, a final logging-off from innocence.

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